Data B-Litter (c) SimBic 2007-2012
If your are intrested in a puppy, please feel free to contact us: +43 676 677 37 30 Austrian Junior Champion HD-B CLAD clear , PRA rcd 1 clear vWB clear B-Litter    25. 10. 2012  1 Dog and 5 Bitches Austrian Junior Champion HD-B CLAD clear , PRA rcd1 clear vWB clear Nuggets 1. Litter should continue our Breeding Linie , therefore we decided to use a dog from our A-Litter . We are looking forward to  essentially fixed, family friendly according to the standard,  and also hunting ambitious dogs Puppies-Liste Name       sex birth-weight award SimBic`s Beyond my Dream       dog       410 g            is going to daddy “Blue” orange       bitch 430 g            awarded rosa       bitch 330 g        awarded bleu         bitch 370 g        awarded green         bitch   440 g        awarded red             bitch 380 g      awarded   1. week 2. week 3. week yellow orange bleu green red rosa red orange green bleu yellow rosa