Fotos A-Litter (c) SimBic 2007-2012
First was Mazi. She went to Carinthia to Laura.  Together with Laura`s Horse they will galopp over the fields! Abby went to Germany to Harry and Ulrike, where until a short time ago her grant-aunt leaved. She will bring the Setter-Power back in the house. Zantho stay near us in Lower Austria and will Paul, Doris and especially Christoph show, what it means - to be a owner from a IRWS, and we will  be sure to meet him in the showring........ Them followed Ginger, Nola und Kelsey. These 3 Girls traveled very far in their new homes. Ginger is in Italy, and will now run through the olive groves Nola is now in the Netherlands  and practices are already busy with Kyra for Juniorhandling, she also wil be shown in the showring,  and together with her family she will make a lot of great journeys. Nola has her own Website: Our most faraway traveled girl is Kelsey. Chris and Nicole personally came from Michigan (USA) to take her at the new home. Kelsey also will go to the showring and may be she also will have puppies in the future.......... Our little one went to Vorarlberg in Austria. He stay now with Mario, Margit and their daughter. I hope we will see “Aiko” sometimes also in the showring. Enjoy your new life little boy.......... All puppies have found their families! Some stay close and others traveled almost to the other end of the world! We hope that all of our little "SimBic's"  grow up happily together with their families  and they all will have a long and full life! We will never forget the time we spent with the little ones and now we wait patiently for photos and news of our wonderful puppies! A little later our "Blue" moved out. He remains in the area, and lives now in St. Pölten and comforts his family over the loss of the beloved Munsterlander. I am sure that he succeeds easily! Last but not least our  “Jackson” moved out! He goes to Madagaskar and will be a sportman, together with his owner david he will do a lot of adventures - all the best for the future and keep us in touch!