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27.03.2011: Setter-Derby Austria This was a very successful day: 3 of our puppies starts in Babyclass and got a very good critic from the judge Sue Mitchell GB! Also Dreamy, Finnja and Nugget was successful: Dreamy: Exc.1, CACS, CACIS, BOB; Club Winner Finnja: Exc.1, CACS, CACIS res., Club Winner Nugget, handled first time from our daughter Sandra: Exc.1, CACS, CACIS, Club Winner More Information about the Setter-Derbys from our Club: Austrian Setter Club 09.04.2011: Int. Show Wieselburg (A)  Judge: Poduschka-Aigner Phyllis, A Finnja: Exc1, CAC, CACIB, Nugget: Exc1, junior winner 21.05.2011: IHA Salzburg and 22.05.2011 Setter-Derby Salzburg What a weekend!! IHA-Salzburg: (Monika Blaha A) Dreamy: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB; Finnja: vg 3 Nugget, Exc.1, best Junior, Junior Winner Setter-Derby: (Mrs. Dee Milligan-Bott, GB) Dreamy: Exc.1, CACS, CACIS, ; Club Winner Finnja: Exc2, CACS, res.                                                           Nugget, Exc.1, best Junior, Junior Club Winner Also 2 of our puppies were entered and both got very promising - we are really proud!! More Information about the Setter-Derbys from our Club:  Austrian Setter Club 04. + 05. 06. 2011 Double CACIB Nitra, SK Judges: Monika Blaha, A and Támas Jakkel, H both days: Finnja: Exc1, CAC, CACIB, Grand Slovakia Winner Nugget: Exc1, junior winner, Grand Slovakia Junior Winner Dreamy: Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Grand Slovakia Winner new Champions!!!! Finnja finished her International Champion C.I.E. she is also Club Champion from our Setter-Club Also Dreamy finished his International Champion C.I.E. and his Slovakian Champion Bundessieger Tulln, 24.9.2011 27.03.2011: Setter-Derby Austria  Nugget exc1, CACA, CACIB, Bundessieger, Qualification for Crufts 2012 Nugget is now austrian Junior Champ. also very successful was our 9 month old “Blue” (SimBic`s A Blue Dream), he visited his first show and won the  Titel “Jugendbester” and qualifiyed for CRUFTS 2012! Congratulation to Franz and Blue, we are very proud!! character test 18.09.2011 Nugget  made the Character Test from our club - she is now a breeding bitch the result of this test you can find here:  Wesenstest Setter Derby-Carinthia, 21.8.2011 Finnja exc, CACAS, CACIS-Res., Clubwinner Nugget exc1, CACAS, CACIS, Clubwinner Dreamy exc1, CACCS, CACIS, BOB, Clubwinner also Nola (Simbic`s Another Nola) and Mazi (Simbic`s Amazing Lady) was there and made their first show experiences Both got “promising”, they found it really funny to spring in the ring like goats - but they will        train, and the next shows will be much more better................ ÖKEV-Clubwinnershow, 20.8.2011 Finnja exc1, CAC Nugget exc1 CAC Pápa, H, 6.8.2011 Finnja exc1, CAC Nugget exc1, Dreamy exc1, CAC, BOB Dreamy and Finnja are now hungarian Champions!! Double - CACIB  Wels, 03. und 04. 12. 2011 Samstag: Finnja exc1, res. CAC Nugget exc1, res.CAC, res. CACIB Blue exc1,  best Junior Finnja: exc1, CAC, CACIB Nugget: sg2 Blue: exc1, Best Junior Blue is now Austrian Junior Champion  (with 11 months)!!