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26.03.2012:      Setter-Derby Austria (Baden near Vienna) Judge: Karen Nagaty (GB) The Setter-Derby 2012 was also a big success! Finnja Exc1, CACAS, CACIS-Res., Clubwinner, BOB Nugget Exc1, CACAS, CACIS, Clubwinner, Dreamy Exc1, CACCS, CACIS, Clubwinner and also our progency (A-litter) was successful! Simbic`s a son of dream: vg1 Simbic`s apache: vg1 Simbic`s a Blue dream: v1, CACAS, CACIS-Res., Clubwinner Way to go Boys!! 09.03.2012:      CRUFTS in Birmingham What a trip! Finally, we could put our plan into reality and even participate in the CRUFTS in Birmingham. All our expectations were exceeded: Judge: J. Howatson (GB) Dreamy wins the "open class" and also receives the Res CC Dog. Finnja manages to be "shortgelisted" Nugget  also presented herself in a great big class! 93 IRWSs were entered. We are very proud of our dogs and very happy that all of the effort has paid off! 02.04.2012:      Our new family member SimBic `s grown! Our new "family member” has arrived: Breath in the Air for SimBic's Porto-Rio,  from Portugal moved in with us. She is  Herwig's girl now and become his "hunting companion." Herwig has been searching for the appropriate name: She is now called "Shania," , this is Native American and means: "She's on her way." Thank you Pedro for this adorable mouse! Our Nola (Simbic`s Another Nola) is famous!! 18 - 20.05.2012:      3 x Show on one weekend - Salzburg 3 days Show and fantastic results! Also some of our puppies got fantastic results World Dog Show: Dreamy: V4 Finnja: V4 Nugget: V3 from our A-litter Blue: v2 Aiko: Junior World Winner Nola: vorzüglich progency from our dreamy: Aron: V2 Caddoc: V1, CAC Setter-Derby-Salzburg: Dreamy: v2, Res.-CACA, Clubsieger Finnja: v2, Res.-CACA, Clubsieger Nugget: v1, CACA, Clubsieger, BOB SimBic`s A Blue Dream: sg2, Clubsieger SimBic`s Apache: V1 , Jugendbester, Clubsieger SimBic`s Another Nola: V1 Jugendbeste, Clubsieger Cu conlaoch von der schönen Matte: v1, CACA, Clubsieger Caddoc von der schönen Matte: V2 we also entered a couple class with Dreamy und Nugget and won!! in the breeding class we got the 2nd place! World Club Show Anif des OEKV: Dreamy: V1 CACA, bester Rüde Finnja: V2, res. CACA Nugget: V1, CACA Simbic`s a Blue Dream: V1, CACA Simbc`s Apache: sg1 Cu conlaoch von der schönen Matte: v1, CACA